Sunday, 11 October 2009

And The Lights Out Never Had This Bright Glow

so yeah i haven't really been blogging that much, too much school stuff like right now i should be doing English arghh. anyway has you might of heard Stephen Gately sadly has now left us : ( and for those who dont know who he is *cough* Natalie *cough* he was a member of the Irish group band Boyzone, who were set to have a come back tour. Like many celebs to tragicaly and unexpectedly to die this year, gone far to soon to Young. RIP Stephen Gately ( oh my god did anyone see most hunted, with Louis Walsh and Boyzone :L i saw it like a few weeks ago and pissed myself laughing aww Stephen was soo scared aww bless him ). anyway sorry for the quick blog, need to get on with my photography i'll post the pictures on here later

Amy Girl

oh my gosh i nearly forgot did anyone see x factor oh my god the judges are like ally cats. but Danii's comments to Danyl were out !! who the flob does she think she is !!!! ??? arrghh that really got me fired up and how the hell is he too confident ?? ohh and Kandy Rain .. thats something i do agree with however, i meen wow the ex strippers come out has .... strippers, and fairs a lot of celebs do go out half naked sometimes, but thats because people respect them and if they really wanted to leave their history in the past they should have said something about the outfits . But then again this is a music compertion and at the end of the day its not what they wear its how well they sing, and they shouldnt have to take the whole blame, i meen they get told what to wear by stylists and Louis should have had a say.

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