Monday, 12 October 2009

Can you meet me half way

soo its 22;50 and im just sitting on my laptop wondering where the day has gone ..

hmm not much going down today just school, Boring has hell god this stupid english essay arrghh
but i did have photography, and im not sure if it was the fumes from the freshly painted walls but it was a really good lesson : ) then i had maths .. which is now funny because i do no work because andy has moved next to me, and it just shows how shit ive been doing has my maths test mark was an E haha my first E :L E for ... Eventully you'll get good grades ?? ohh and history to day :L :L :L KITTY RULER AND ASKING MISS TIMS FOR BIBLES AND CROSSES

anyway i was looking on the asos sale, and its crap ! like everything in sizes 6 or 8 have sold out ..
so yeah i was looking for like an outfit and i want that whole a bit punkish look, anyway its something i can wear again

so this is the top i reallly want from asos, i just think its soo cool and with some punky boots like the ones from miss guided that are like £30

oh my god has like anyone listened to TINCHY STRYDER Youre Not Alone. i just had to put him in caps saw him live at underage this summer : ) yeah its a good song and ohh has anyone watched the smosh channel on youtube soo funny. anyway sorry for the whole rushed blog i need to go to bed early start tomorrow im going to london with the girls, going to be a laugh !

haha dont safe sex adds on the radio make you giggle... arrghhhh go compare advert does my nut in !!!

amy bitches

oh my god listen

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