Thursday, 1 October 2009

First blog: First timmer

My nerves were all over the place, has my fingers slipped over the smooth keys of my keyboard. It was time i was finally going to do it .... i was finally going to loose my blog virginity once and for all !
yeah well this is my first ever blog, better not mess it up now
any way start with the basics my name is Amy and a big shout out to my best friend eileen who got me into blogging she is now like obsessed with it ( remember kids an obsession is an unhealthy habit !!) and thinks shes the new Perez Hilton meets Gossip Girl. Bless her little cotton socks
Anyway i apologise about how naked my blog is at the moment i will get round to dressing it up.
so.. i guess this is the part where i rant on about how my day has been. Well it was okay a lot of catching up on things ( been ill for the last few days) had art today ( arrghh soo hard ! ) then P.E ( was fun did badmiton) then we had like English and finished early.
Anyway Holla you later people, the homework awaits and its not going to do its self ...

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