Sunday, 8 November 2009

Kelly In Wonderland

Could my life at the weekends get any better ? Right so last week was Halloween went to an amazing party round Clare's, then on Halloween went to Hannah's. Then this week the Sommervile trip, then last night the fireworks then me, Robyne,Kelly,Clare and Natalie went back to Natalie's to watch x factor OH MY GOD LUCY SINGING THIS IS ME :O :O :O Then its my birthday and party next week then the week after that, not only do i get to see the Jonas brothers live two days running, me and Eileen have only got front row tickets for the Friday !! So can't wait ! It was soo funny i was in this Que at fireworks right for some sweets and Eileen was like we got the tickets, and i was like screaming really loudly and like all these people were just looking at me :L

Anyway so for my party next week I'm having the girls round and having an Alice in wonderland inspired tea party! Oh crap just remembered need to go to a car boot today to get the mix and match tea sets. Anyway so to get me in the mood for my party i decided to start editing the picture's i did of Kelly. Hope you like them.


Friday, 6 November 2009

we're doing the bone dance !

so yeah you might be wondering why the hell i have titled this with a Hannah Montana song... Im only going to say this once but i like the bone dance. Its one of the best episodes people ! and i know the whole song. There i said it ! :)

Anyway so i havent been blogging that much, mainly because of school and the science mocks BORING !! hopefully i did okay. Also ive been busy with things like M.U.N i'm in a group with Stephen and Tim and we have Canada so it should be a laugh ! Going to dress up has lumberjacks or a moose ?

On to better news i might be getting front row tickets to see jonas brothers live !! hopefully fingers crossed, yeah i'm going with eileen on friday and saturday !! Im more excited for jb then i am for my own birthday! Mind you i cant wait for my alice in wonderland themed tea party im having its going to kick butt ! I'm getting everyone to dress up and i'm making these cool mini tophats. Oh i almost forgot the GERMAN TRIP !!!! can't frickin wait going with eileen ( thats if she doesnt ditch me for bloody miley cryus and metro station ! BITCH) and kellycakes !

Well i'm going to be making this one a short blog because bed is calling me

Over and Out Dudes
yeahhhhh in IT tegan said i need to write a new blog so here i am !! take that tegan