Sunday, 8 November 2009

Kelly In Wonderland

Could my life at the weekends get any better ? Right so last week was Halloween went to an amazing party round Clare's, then on Halloween went to Hannah's. Then this week the Sommervile trip, then last night the fireworks then me, Robyne,Kelly,Clare and Natalie went back to Natalie's to watch x factor OH MY GOD LUCY SINGING THIS IS ME :O :O :O Then its my birthday and party next week then the week after that, not only do i get to see the Jonas brothers live two days running, me and Eileen have only got front row tickets for the Friday !! So can't wait ! It was soo funny i was in this Que at fireworks right for some sweets and Eileen was like we got the tickets, and i was like screaming really loudly and like all these people were just looking at me :L

Anyway so for my party next week I'm having the girls round and having an Alice in wonderland inspired tea party! Oh crap just remembered need to go to a car boot today to get the mix and match tea sets. Anyway so to get me in the mood for my party i decided to start editing the picture's i did of Kelly. Hope you like them.


Friday, 6 November 2009

we're doing the bone dance !

so yeah you might be wondering why the hell i have titled this with a Hannah Montana song... Im only going to say this once but i like the bone dance. Its one of the best episodes people ! and i know the whole song. There i said it ! :)

Anyway so i havent been blogging that much, mainly because of school and the science mocks BORING !! hopefully i did okay. Also ive been busy with things like M.U.N i'm in a group with Stephen and Tim and we have Canada so it should be a laugh ! Going to dress up has lumberjacks or a moose ?

On to better news i might be getting front row tickets to see jonas brothers live !! hopefully fingers crossed, yeah i'm going with eileen on friday and saturday !! Im more excited for jb then i am for my own birthday! Mind you i cant wait for my alice in wonderland themed tea party im having its going to kick butt ! I'm getting everyone to dress up and i'm making these cool mini tophats. Oh i almost forgot the GERMAN TRIP !!!! can't frickin wait going with eileen ( thats if she doesnt ditch me for bloody miley cryus and metro station ! BITCH) and kellycakes !

Well i'm going to be making this one a short blog because bed is calling me

Over and Out Dudes
yeahhhhh in IT tegan said i need to write a new blog so here i am !! take that tegan

Monday, 12 October 2009

Can you meet me half way

soo its 22;50 and im just sitting on my laptop wondering where the day has gone ..

hmm not much going down today just school, Boring has hell god this stupid english essay arrghh
but i did have photography, and im not sure if it was the fumes from the freshly painted walls but it was a really good lesson : ) then i had maths .. which is now funny because i do no work because andy has moved next to me, and it just shows how shit ive been doing has my maths test mark was an E haha my first E :L E for ... Eventully you'll get good grades ?? ohh and history to day :L :L :L KITTY RULER AND ASKING MISS TIMS FOR BIBLES AND CROSSES

anyway i was looking on the asos sale, and its crap ! like everything in sizes 6 or 8 have sold out ..
so yeah i was looking for like an outfit and i want that whole a bit punkish look, anyway its something i can wear again

so this is the top i reallly want from asos, i just think its soo cool and with some punky boots like the ones from miss guided that are like £30

oh my god has like anyone listened to TINCHY STRYDER Youre Not Alone. i just had to put him in caps saw him live at underage this summer : ) yeah its a good song and ohh has anyone watched the smosh channel on youtube soo funny. anyway sorry for the whole rushed blog i need to go to bed early start tomorrow im going to london with the girls, going to be a laugh !

haha dont safe sex adds on the radio make you giggle... arrghhhh go compare advert does my nut in !!!

amy bitches

oh my god listen

Sunday, 11 October 2009

And The Lights Out Never Had This Bright Glow

so yeah i haven't really been blogging that much, too much school stuff like right now i should be doing English arghh. anyway has you might of heard Stephen Gately sadly has now left us : ( and for those who dont know who he is *cough* Natalie *cough* he was a member of the Irish group band Boyzone, who were set to have a come back tour. Like many celebs to tragicaly and unexpectedly to die this year, gone far to soon to Young. RIP Stephen Gately ( oh my god did anyone see most hunted, with Louis Walsh and Boyzone :L i saw it like a few weeks ago and pissed myself laughing aww Stephen was soo scared aww bless him ). anyway sorry for the quick blog, need to get on with my photography i'll post the pictures on here later

Amy Girl

oh my gosh i nearly forgot did anyone see x factor oh my god the judges are like ally cats. but Danii's comments to Danyl were out !! who the flob does she think she is !!!! ??? arrghh that really got me fired up and how the hell is he too confident ?? ohh and Kandy Rain .. thats something i do agree with however, i meen wow the ex strippers come out has .... strippers, and fairs a lot of celebs do go out half naked sometimes, but thats because people respect them and if they really wanted to leave their history in the past they should have said something about the outfits . But then again this is a music compertion and at the end of the day its not what they wear its how well they sing, and they shouldnt have to take the whole blame, i meen they get told what to wear by stylists and Louis should have had a say.

Friday, 2 October 2009

second the best

soo what to do on a Friday evening, with no plans ...
*sometimes i walk a little faster in the school hall ways just to get next to you,
some days i send a little extra time in the morning just to impress you..
guess you don't notice, guess you don't need this
on the outside shying away on the outside dying to say ..
well you know the rest, god where is Eileen when you need her to sing along at the top of your voices in the school corridors and getting slated by Jake. ( Jake the ginger in our form.)
And for those who know me will be amazed that I'm singing a miley song, because everyone knows i hate her !! :L i really do ! but that's something for another blog.
ohh goodies Jonas brothers is now playing, and for those who know me they'll know i LOVE the Jonai !!
I'm Hot your cold you going around like you know
who i am but you don't
you got my on my toesssss .
haha gotta love them
can not wait for the 21st of November seeing them live : D :D

Anyway soo today wasn't that great not the whole Friday fever but it was acceptable
had English and science first thing, which was boring ! then double German again alrightish it seems like I've lost all ability to speak or learn German, i think my left lobe has given up after attempting to learn how to factorise quadratic equations ... Lunch was alright went to a meeting about the somerville college trip fun awar fun. Then me and a few fellow stalkers went spying on a few fit year 11s : ) After maths i had maths ( I'm not even going to go there !! ) Then after I had IT which was really funny for once . so a few of us have this thing going on where we make up of Ellie being an OPB ( orange pregent bulldog) and me and om had this dating poster for her :L god bless her.

anyway the weekend is near at last, well i really wouldn't say at last because the weeks seem to FLY past now ! Yeah i think i might do something with Eileen possible maybe badminton ... Well smell you later

xoxo <----- steal my xoxox Eileen again and your in for it !
Its Amy Girl

p.s. sorry for the really boring blogs, Just need to think of what this blog will be about.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

First blog: First timmer

My nerves were all over the place, has my fingers slipped over the smooth keys of my keyboard. It was time i was finally going to do it .... i was finally going to loose my blog virginity once and for all !
yeah well this is my first ever blog, better not mess it up now
any way start with the basics my name is Amy and a big shout out to my best friend eileen who got me into blogging she is now like obsessed with it ( remember kids an obsession is an unhealthy habit !!) and thinks shes the new Perez Hilton meets Gossip Girl. Bless her little cotton socks
Anyway i apologise about how naked my blog is at the moment i will get round to dressing it up.
so.. i guess this is the part where i rant on about how my day has been. Well it was okay a lot of catching up on things ( been ill for the last few days) had art today ( arrghh soo hard ! ) then P.E ( was fun did badmiton) then we had like English and finished early.
Anyway Holla you later people, the homework awaits and its not going to do its self ...