Friday, 2 October 2009

second the best

soo what to do on a Friday evening, with no plans ...
*sometimes i walk a little faster in the school hall ways just to get next to you,
some days i send a little extra time in the morning just to impress you..
guess you don't notice, guess you don't need this
on the outside shying away on the outside dying to say ..
well you know the rest, god where is Eileen when you need her to sing along at the top of your voices in the school corridors and getting slated by Jake. ( Jake the ginger in our form.)
And for those who know me will be amazed that I'm singing a miley song, because everyone knows i hate her !! :L i really do ! but that's something for another blog.
ohh goodies Jonas brothers is now playing, and for those who know me they'll know i LOVE the Jonai !!
I'm Hot your cold you going around like you know
who i am but you don't
you got my on my toesssss .
haha gotta love them
can not wait for the 21st of November seeing them live : D :D

Anyway soo today wasn't that great not the whole Friday fever but it was acceptable
had English and science first thing, which was boring ! then double German again alrightish it seems like I've lost all ability to speak or learn German, i think my left lobe has given up after attempting to learn how to factorise quadratic equations ... Lunch was alright went to a meeting about the somerville college trip fun awar fun. Then me and a few fellow stalkers went spying on a few fit year 11s : ) After maths i had maths ( I'm not even going to go there !! ) Then after I had IT which was really funny for once . so a few of us have this thing going on where we make up of Ellie being an OPB ( orange pregent bulldog) and me and om had this dating poster for her :L god bless her.

anyway the weekend is near at last, well i really wouldn't say at last because the weeks seem to FLY past now ! Yeah i think i might do something with Eileen possible maybe badminton ... Well smell you later

xoxo <----- steal my xoxox Eileen again and your in for it !
Its Amy Girl

p.s. sorry for the really boring blogs, Just need to think of what this blog will be about.

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